Most of us have experienced a challenging Pilates class, but no one hour session shreds, burns and honestly, exhausts, quite like Wundabar Pilates. But, in our fitness novice minds, we rationalize the panting, sweating and soreness by repeating to ourselves, “This MUST be working” and actually, it does.

Started by entrepreneur and mother of two, Amy Jordan, the reformers at Wundabar are basically a souped up version of the one we all know. She invented proprietary parts to work muscles deeper and really take a Pilates session to the next level.

Here, she explains how major personal life changes inspired her to start her rapidly growing company (simultaneously while having her first child no less) and how targeting that tummy post-pregnancy is anything but a lost cause.

What was your inspiration to start Wundabar Pilates?
 – I was wrapping up a difficult divorce and started taking Pilates in 2006. I found that one hour to be incredibly healing and head clearing every time. So, getting bitten by the ‘Pilates Bug’ is exactly how I got my start in this rewarding and dynamic work. Not being one to wallow, I felt a passionate desire to open a studio in order to pay it forward and share Pilates with my home town. One studio with reformers wasn’t achieving exactly what I wanted to share so I literally sketched our patented WundaFormer on an airplane and within one year had our first WundaBar Pilates studio open for business. It’s been a wild and crazy (and sometimes bumpy!) path, especially as that year coincided with the pregnancy and birth of my son(!) but it’s an intrinsic and fulfilling choice I made to create my own path sharing positivity and health with as many as I possibly can! 
Is the method safe and effective for women to so while pregnant?
– In one word – YES! We do require all WundaMamas to provide a doctor’s note and recommend our mommas learn a few tips and tricks to make our classes a good fit for you throughout your pregnancy.  We require all WundaMamas-to-be to attend one Pregnancy Private Session for the special WundaMamas-ONLY price of $50 (regularly $85).  We welcome our mamas to enjoy one specially priced $50 Pregnancy Private during each trimester as your body and growing baby’s needs change. With the knowledge you gain in your Pregnancy Privates and in-class assistance from our Educators, WundaBar Pilates can keep you fit, strong and safe during all stages of pregnancy, including post-partum recovery. All of our educators are specially trained to keep WundaMamas and their babies safe and strong in studio!
What are the benefits of doing Pilates while pregnant?
We love to help all of our WundaMamas ROCK their pregnancy! Doing Pilates while pregnant will keep everything where it belongs during all stages of pregnancy.
As you may have noticed, being pregnant is anything but business-as-usual — whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, you can bet it will be a unique and dynamic experience.  Just about everything in your life will change … including your workout. Going into your pregnancy strong and staying active and strong throughout the journey will make your nine months AND post-partum recovery that much better. 
What are the most common concerns you get from women who have recently given birth and want to get back in shape?
Tummy, tummy, tummy! At WundaBar, we are core experts — and that starts from the base of the core, the pelvic floor! We view the core as a 3D structure that needs conditioning on all sides before, during and after baby! Many post-partum mamas are concerned with the appearance of their abdomen after a baby — but at WundaBar we focus on conditioning and toning from the INSIDE out. We help improve pelvic floor recovery and tone (read: no more tinkles when you laugh too hard), as well as dramatic and powerful return to a lean silhouette by infusing every class with low-impact cardio and resistance training work to narrow the waistline and truly improve functionality of the body, core and spine! The lifted tush, toned legs and sculpted shoulders are the cherries on top!


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