Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of stuff there is out there to buy for a new baby? So do most people. It’s why having a trustworthy friend with great taste comes in handy now more than ever.

The Hive Mag: Kourtney Kardashian


In order to take a little guess work out of this fantastic yet often frustrating process, we tapped Kourtney Kardashian, mom to Mason, 4 and Penelope 22 months to share her top 10 absolute must-have baby essentials that help her get by in style. In addition to being a hands on mom who knows exactly what she likes, she recently launched the Kardashian Kids clothing line which is filled with adorable and on-trend togs for the budding fashion lover.

Here, Kourtney breaks down the top ten baby must-haves she couldn’t live without.  Shop her picks for a chic and easy kick start to your own baby registry:



1. Orbit travel system: “I find this extremely easy to use and I adore the sidekick skateboard that attaches onto the side of the stroller for my older child! It has an easy attachment to turn it into a double stroller as well. There is nothing that this travel system doesn’t offer…and we travel ALOT!”



2. Medela Free Style Pump: “This made it possible for me to pump any and everywhere, all while texting, emailing, cooking, eating, in design meetings, answering the door for room service, getting a manicure…you name it, I was doing it with this thing on.”

3. Beaba Babycook:  “This device is a must if you plan to make homemade baby food. It steam cooks and blends the food all in one. They also have wonderful silicone storage containers to keep the food in and the most amazing silicone spoons perfect for babies first meal. “
4. Books:  “I read to my children from the moment we came home from the hospital. Reading is a big part of our daily routine and one of my favorite times of the day. On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman is my absolute favorite baby book. It is so sweet and brings me back to those perfectly innocent moments when my children were infants.”
bottom balm
5. Earth Mama Angel Baby products: “I have an obsession for these products because they are all natural, zero toxins, herbal organic baby products. My favorites are the Bottom Balm, Shampoo & Body Wash and Lotion.”
6. Ubbi Diaper Pail: “Made of powder coated steel so it does not absorb odors like plastic ones can.”
7. Sleepyhead: “This is a special pillow like bed that goes inside of your bed for safe co-sleeping. I used this with both of my children and found it essential for traveling. My kids could sleep anywhere as long as I had this pod with me.”
nook-sleep-systems8. Nook crib mattress and changing pad: “I never thought I would be excited to get a crib mattress or a changing table pad. Not only do they look chic, but they have a breathability that allows babies to sleep longer and deeper.”
9. Lots of cozy blankets: “From Barefoot Dreams to Kardashian Kids, you really cannot have enough soft and cozy blankies.”
10. Prada Diaper Bag –  “The best diaper bag I have ever used so far is my Prada diaper bag that my sister Kim bought for me. It’s simple, has lots of amazing compartments and is made of the perfect fabric which can be easily wiped down. It’s all about having lots of different compartments when it comes to a diaper bag!”


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