The conundrum is always the same.  Do you get your friend something off the registry or do you veer into more risky territory and choose something on your own?  We tapped celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati, who is expecting a baby girl very soon and who knows a thing or two about giving fab gifts. Urbinati tells us, “If you’re gonna be a hero and shop off the registry, these will have them glad you went rogue.”

1. Babylit Complete Set Classic Board Books – $180

Includes board books (perfect for babies) versions of all the classics including Pride & Prejudice and other Austen greats – Alice in Wonderland, A Christmas Carol, The Secret Garden, Huckleberry Finn, The Wizard of Oz, Romeo & Juliet and a bunch more


As far as baby blankets go, it really doesn’t get more steal-worthy than this. Printed on muslin so it gets softer with each wash (BONUS you can wash it in the machine)


I challenge anyone to find cuter prints! And they’re organic!


Why does every nursery need to have the same mobile from the same 3 brands? The answer is they don’t. You’re not likely to find this one on their registry so you won’t risk doubling up, and the handmade look of it adds a sweet touch.


5. Pottery Barn Kids Plush Faux Fur Critter Bath Wrap – $34.50

It just doesn’t just get much cuter or cuddlier. They come hooded (good to keep baby’s head warm after a bath) and in the shape of either elephant, bunny, bear, or lamb


6. Land of Nod Limited Edition “I’m So Glad You’re Here” Giant Book – $89

This is my favorite baby gift to give because it really is giant. It’s more giant in person than you can possibly imagine so it makes a real impression when it shows up. Tactile for babies, and so fun for reading time. It’s so soft and cushiony they can fall asleep ON it. It seems to me like an item they would keep and love for many years.


7. Dallas Clayton art prints – $22

Dallas’s sweet uplifting and inspiring mix of art and poetry has made his books (and his Instragram account) somewhat legendary among kids and parents.  These art prints framed would make such great, affordable (and non-generic) nursery art.  Dallas is the real deal.


8. Palm Beach Crew Brilliant Blanket – $68

This picnic blanket really is brilliant. They will keep it in the car to use at the park or the beach, big enough for the whole family (5 people) to sit on, weighted corners won’t fly up in the pesky wind, waterproof on the bottom for wet grass, soft cotton on top for comfort, has pockets to keep phones and keys in, and folds up into a bag with a strap.

9. Serena & Lily Menagerie Book Ends – $52
Start their love of animals early with these chic leather animal book ends (I love the elephant and the giraffe ones) that you’ll wanna steal for your own room – they will keep these for years. Bonus: they will actually hold those baby books up as they are quite heavy!

10. Nathalie Lete Teepee – $200

Teepees in the nursery are all the rage at the moment and this gorgeous one from artist Nathalie Lete and French toy company Vilac will have everyone – from kids to parents to dogs – wanting a turn to sleep under it.


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