Its so easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the changes that come along with becoming pregnant. Forget the expanding waistline, the mood swings and the intense fatigue, the seemingly endless list of what you need to buy can feel insurmountable. Luckily, we have a great network of friends who have been able to share their list of essentials with us and now it is our delight to share them with you.  Georgia Tapert Howe, talented interior designer and mother to 2-year-old Byrdie spills her favorites from baby towels to the diaper bag.

CHANGERDwell Studio Mid Century Modern Changer  I’m a big fan of this changer, because it allows you to select a good dresser that your little one can grow with and you just remove the changer afterwards. I found a lot of the “changing table” dressers were really small or felt babyish i.e ugly. I love the terry change pad covers to go with it.  The look so crisp and clean.

The Hive Mag - Georgia Tapert Howe Nursery

DAY BED: If you have the room for it, then I love having a day bed in the nursery.  It is nice to have a place to snuggle and read together, plus it’s a welcome addition in the case you ever have to sleep in there with your baby.  Mod Shop lets you customize anything So I did this one and put fun legs on it and a kid friendly fabric.  Another simple one is that is great because you can send them your own fabric is Ballard Designs.


FABRICS: Right now I’m loving Katie Ridder fabrics for kids rooms. They have great prints that don’t feel overly babyish and add a fun pop of color. The wallpapers are great too.  We recently wallpapered the ceiling for a clients nursery.  Its a cool way to introduce something patterned and colorful and you don’t need as much if you are only doing the ceiling.


MOSES BASKET:  I really don’t think you need any kind of contraption (i.e bouncers etc) other than a moses basket for the first 6 months.  I loved it because it allowed us to have Byrd with us all the time.  I would sit in the backyard while she slept in it and and bring her up into my room if I wanted to take a nap.  The crib also felt so HUGE when we first brought her home. Then when she became a little older she loved climbing in and out of it and it sort of doubled as a toy.  Some of our favorites include this from Serena & Lily this gingham version from Badger Basket.


BABY BLANKET: I love these big quilted thick baby blankets from Roberta Roller Rabbit to put down on the floor.  They come in a ton of colors and patterns and are easy to wash.

SLEEP WEAR /ONSIE: Hands down, Bamboo Dreams makes the softest sleep ware and onsies you will find! They come in fun patterns and classic solids, plus they’re eco friendly. They are simply the best! I give them to all my friends when they are pregnant as a totally utilitarian present.  I also found a sleep sack to be a must when it came to getting my daughter to sleep through the night. I liked ones that kept her a little warm as well

DIAPER BAG: I hated the idea of a diaper bag not to mention the actual bags themselves.  I just refused to believe you needed 40 diapers and 5 changes of clothes when out and about for several hours with a baby.  So I bought a big LL Bean Bag that could get trashed and a Porthault toiletry case to keep a few diapers and snacks etc the pouches make it feel a little more organized.  Roberta Roller Rabbit also makes a set of pouches that works.



DECOR: I wanted to find something cute to hang on the walls that wasn’t go to be a fortune and I came across these fun papier mache animal heads.  They have about 10 different animals and make for something cute and decorative.  They only come in white but you can easily spray paint them a color.

PRODUCTS: Right around when I was pregnant it came out that Johnson & Johnson was using formaldehyde in their products.  It got me paranoid about what products I would use for my baby so someone recommended Oatmilk Calendula Baby wash and Shampoo This whole site is great for organic products!


TOWELS:  I got all these baby robes as presents when I was pregnant that were so cute, but when it came time to actually give this tiny baby a bath there was no way I was maneuvering her into a robe. So baby hooded towels are a must.  I love these ones from D. Porthault.

CASHMERE ONSIE:  Ok so, this definitely not a necessity as it’s totally extravagant, but someone gave me one and it was the coziest cutest thing ever.  I mean, when else in your life will you wear a full cashmere one piece with a dickey no less!?


FIRST TOY: I am of the less is more approach when it comes to toys.  This sounds crazy but someone gave me this idea when I first had my daughter.  When babies first want hold and play with something they still don’t have much strength to hold anything so starting at about 3 or 4 months give them a handkerchief and they really are completely entertained by it.  Once they are a little older and bored by it you can put them away and save them for when they are older as a cute little momento. And, they’re way better looking than all those ugly and noisy rattles. Any kind will do, but these are so sweet!


STORAGE: As they start to accumulate toys I have found having a few baskets around super useful!





















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