Fridababy, the fuss-busting solution-based brand for parents, has partnered with sisters and comedic duo Erin and Sara Foster to create a series of limited edition downloadable Mother’s Day cards that finally capture what everyone is really thinking when it comes to celebrating Mom. From thanking the nanny to relationships with your mother-in-law, husband and kids, this exclusive FridaGram card series shakes down the greeting card aisle with a dose of reality for moms everywhere.

Best known for its cult-favorite and parenting must-have, the NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator, Fridababy knows that motherhood is messy, awkward, gross and beautiful – and they think Mother’s Day cards should be the same. You won’t find any sappy, poetic, filtered greetings in their free set of 10 downloadable FridaGrams. Instead, you’ll get unfiltered, honest and real sentiments, because that’s what life as a mom truly is like. No one says what they think more than the refreshingly outspoken, hilariously funny sister duo, Erin and Sara Foster, and together, Fridababy and the Fosters have captured what parents really think on Mother’s Day in this downloadable and shareable card series.

The FridaGram series has ten digital or printable cards in total including:

  • DAD TO MOM: “If I can still be attracted to you after watching you suck snot out of our child’s nose, then we can get through anything”.


  • MOM TO CHILD’S NANNY: “Thank you for raising my kids while simultaneously telling people what a great mom I am”.


  • CHILD TO MOM: “You always say that raising kids is a full-time job.  Just so you know, whenever anyone asks dad what you do for a living, he says ‘nothing’”.


  • MOM TO MOTHER IN LAW: “You have so many wonderful qualities; you’re kind, and wise, but my favorite is your ability to passive aggressively judge the way I do everything.”


“Fridababy prepares you for the less than Instagram-worthy realities of new parenthood – it’s those moments that deserve the greatest acknowledgment,” says Chelsea Hirschhorn, CEO of Fridababy. “So on Mother’s Day it felt appropriate to celebrate moms in a way that captures that same sentiment. No filters or greeting-card-aisle pleasantries necessary.”

The 10 cards will be available via download here and your own #fridagrams can be shared on social channels.  Once downloaded, the cards can be printed front and back on 8” x 11” sheets, folded down the middle, and shared immediately.



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