To me, clutter has always been a number-one offender. Perhaps my mind is already so full and moving a mile a minute, that to see piles of knickknacks, old mail, receipts and random toy parts is just too much for me to process.

I am constantly tidying and throwing away scraps of anything I consider dispensable (a habit that has essentially caused my husband to squirrel away all that he considers even slightly important); this year, the practice has hit my closet—hard.

I hear a lot of my friends who are new moms say within the first year of having a baby that they hate everything in their closet. Of course things inevitably fit differently (or not at all), but aside from fit, it seems that the sartorial side of new motherhood means simple, classic and fuss-free.

At least, that’s the aesthetic I’ve adopted (and it’s not too far from how I have always dressed) but the pared-down part is certainly a dramatic shift. I’ve eliminated over half of my closet and edited down to less than 30 or so pieces and less than 20 pairs of shoes. (I do understand how obnoxious that might sound but as a longtime fashion editor, I’ve accumulated quite a bit, so the numbers are all relative.)

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