You know those gadgets or ideas that immediately make you go, “Why hasn’t this always been a thing?” For us, that’s LOOM, a pregnancy, parenting and reproductive wellness hub that offers education, services, and an inclusive community to everyone.

Co-founded by beloved doula, lactation consultant (and recent author), Erica Chidi Cohen and her business partner Quinn Lundberg,  LOOM features a curriculum, services, and events to guide women through reproductive pathways – including considering, expecting, parenting, and loss. They have carved out a space for community building, resources and to demystify the overall experience with guidance, support and most importantly, zero judgement.

We love that LOOM is also is fostering an authentic conversation about reproductive health, sexuality, fertility, pregnancy, parenting (single, step, and choice), adoption, as well as non-birth outcomes such as miscarriage and abortion. It’s real talk all the time and finally a place where questions of all kinds can be asked and addressed (no more insane internet research all to end up in a scary chat room or message board.) Just support and options from experts who understand.

The space housing LOOM is also pretty magical. The colors are soft and soothing and the rooms for classes and consultation are tranquil and beautiful.

To get a better sense of how special the concept of LOOM is, we sat down with Cohen to get her take on opening the space.

– How did you and Quinn meet and what was the inspiration to open LOOM?

I have been working for almost a decade with their families providing doula support and LOOM is an extension of that. Myself and co-founder Quinn met through me being her doula and postpartum educator. We had a client relationship and became close friends and always wanted to try and do something together. She motivated me to get what I do to more people.  The great thing about Loom is we try to be a non-judgemental, evidence based hub for people at a time when they need a lot of support. We try to make it seem approachable and to encourage a sense of wellness around the whole process.

– Are all views and angles to conception, pregnancy and birth plans open to and discussed at LOOM or is there a main philosophy of the center?

It’s really about meeting people where they’re at and approaching with curiosity. We’re cultivating autonomy in the person and what’s resonating with their family system. We want to support that and optimize what you want. We give people permission to make their own choices.

The truth is, your birth is your birth, your parenting experience is your parenting experience. Why create shame and anxiety within someone to do something they don’t want to do? You must choose and get anchored in your own choice, so when you get shaken out there in the world, you know you’re informed and know why you’re doing what you’re doing.

– Is there an aspect of your new endeavor that is most exciting to you

The space is really wonderful with  lot’s of natural light. There are two studios where events take place and two rooms dedicated to individual coaching. We’ve assembled pieces that have typically not been together.

Our main plan for our services is to go digital. We’re interested in taking the programming and pathways online so people in other cities can access this. We want to reach more people.

– What do you feel is the biggest need/concern among women today in general when it comes to starting and raising family?

The primary anxiety is usually, “Am I doing this right? and “Am I making the right decision?” The general question of “will I be able to balance family with career?” The answer is there is no right answer. Be gentle on yourself. The only constant in this whole process is change. Be flexible. Get rid of the concept of doing it right and just keep doing it. The desire for perfection is a lost cause.

The membership fee to LOOM is $200 annually and is only required for select pathways.

Visit Loom at 5259 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. 90019

All photos are of the interior of Loom. Photographer: Morgan Pansing.


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