Navigating nursery decor can be as tricky as it is exciting. Trying to stay gender neutral, while also making the space personal, airy and uncluttered, gets tough, especially when there are just so many adorable items and points of inspiration out there.

It’s why we’re tapping some of the most stylish and creative women in the world, taking a peek at how they’ve made their nurseries chic, functional and timeless, using distinctive décor that speaks volumes about their own personal taste as well as the special environment they’ve envisioned for their baby.


Like most of us, fashion writer and Racked LA editor, Natalie Alcala, wants her son to reach for the stars. Only, Alcala, who’s due in late September, has brought outer space indoors in way that’s sweet, charming and understated.

“Our nursery is space-themed with a touch of nature,” says Alcala. “The color palette is gray, white and wood. I hope the room inspires our son to reach for the stars and reminds him that there’s a whole world out there for him to discover.”

She used Behr’s Gentle Rain, a delicate grey hue, on the walls and subtly introduced the space theme by scattering Galaxy Vinyl wall decals from Etsy on the creamy grey surface. Outer space is also choed in the grey and white crib bedding and changing table cover from Dwell Studio, as well as in the deep blue J Schatz Lighting Star Egg Nightlight that gives off a dreamy glow when switched on.

As a prolific style and retail writer, Alcala understands that she’ll be doing plenty of multi-tasking when transitioning back to work. It’s why she’s also created a functional workspace at one end of the nursery, so she can quietly type away while her son snoozes peacefully in his space crib.


What sentimental items have you included? 

The shelf features a handful of sentimental pieces. One of the tiers includes my first pair of shoes, which sits alongside our future son’s adorable Dr. Martens booties. (I want them for myself!) That same tier is also home to Henry, a stuffed monkey that my husband got me when we found out we were expecting. I sleep with Henry every night in hopes that it will keep my scent and comfort our little guy when I pass it onto him.

Above: Alcala wears the Tulip Tank from Hatch Collection.



Is there an area or item of the nursery that you are particularly excited about?

The first item we ever purchased for the nursery was a galaxy print signed by artist Jetter Green, which sits on the baby’s dresser. I love the piece’s vibrant colors and how it really drives the nursery’s space theme home.


I also love the Etsy star decals on the walls. Although I wouldn’t call myself a serious DIY-er, I decided to sketch out the pattern I wanted before meticulously placing each individual star on the wall. It turned out to be a really great solo project; I love the way it turned out!

Above: Alcala wears a t-shirt from Wildfox.



What are some other items you’ve prepared for the baby? 

I’m so ready for this baby arrive — I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever! I already have his Pack-N-Play crib set up next to my bed. We’ll have him sleep in that for a bit before moving him to his big-boy crib. We also have his Britax 2014 B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System ready to roll.


Are there any personalized or monogrammed items you’ve already created for the baby? If so, what are they?

So far, the only personalized item is this faux leather hoodie I designed with Apliiq. I can’t wait to style our little dude!


What are you most looking forward to about becoming a mother?

Besides the aforementioned styling, I can’t wait to experience the next-level love that a new baby brings. It’s so surreal to know that in just a few weeks, I’ll be looking into my baby’s little eyes and holding his teeny-tiny body in my arms. I also can’t wait to see my husband as a father. He’s such a family man, so I know that he’s excited to hang with his Mini-Me.

Above: Alcala wears a dress from Style Stalker.


Photo Credit: Photos by Miha Matei


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