The idea of traveling with kids can sometimes be daunting enough to make you reconsider that vacation altogether.  Forget the inevitable mid flight freak out or the fact that even a well edited person becomes a sherpa when herding all of their children’s belongings – if you’re going to brave taking your kids on the road, you’re going to need to be prepared.

We were lucky enough to catch up with well seasoned travel extraordinaire, Kristen Gipson. Whether circling the globe on a buying trip for cult favorite RSVP Gallery in Chicago or jetting off to Paris to hit fashion week, this style maven manages to stay cool, calm and collected, all while traveling with her adorable 4-year-old son Don.

Armed with a fool proof arsenal of healthy snacks, matching toiletries, and a portable infirmary, Gipson takes the guess work out of travel. Not only does she have packing down to an art form, but she’s managed to scope out some of the coolest, kid friendly hotspots along the way.




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While Gipson admits it was easier traveling with Don when he was younger, bringing some of his travel essentials helps to ease the pain:


Brain Quest workbook



Gipson swears by Lysol wipes for disinfecting plane seats and hotel surfaces and she always packs an assortment of homeopathic remedies.


Gipson keep’s Don’s essentials organized with matching BAPE accessories.


Don’s Toiletries:

Shea Moisture Detangler “This stuff really works like nothing else.

Shea MoistureShampoo 

365 (Whole Foods Brand) grape seed oil

Eucalyptus oil for clear breathing and drops in his bath

Bubble bath

Dr Bronners baby wash

A toothbrush in Don’s favorite color, purple

Mason Pearson hairbrush


“I try and use natural beauty products with no parabens. I take really good care of myself and changed my eating habits when I was pregnant.”

Kristen Toiletries:

Rosewater Toner

Rosehip Oil

My Skin and bones – soap

LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Cream & Wash

Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner

Dr Sebagh Skin Perfecting Mask

Kanebo Mud Soap

Brad Bio Fermented Concentrate

Once a week, Gipson combines an Aztec healing clay mask with raw apple cider vinegar to make a custom detoxifying mask.


“Don’s favorite part of going on the plane is getting to eat snacks and looking out the window to see how high we’re going.”

Top Travel Tips:

– Nurse or eat on way up and down so ears dont pop.

– Bring immune boosters just in case.

– Keep travel size toiletries at the ready to avoid last minute rushing.

– I let him get a toy when we get to your destination  and pack the iPad and workbooks to keep him calm.

-Bring a lot of snacks and water for the flight.

-Have the hotel clean out the mini fridge to make room for kid’s snacks and drinks.

Gipson’s favorite hotels around the world: Le Maurice in Paris, The Mercer in New York, The Kahala Resort in Hawaii, Mr. C in Beverly Hills

Kristen’s favorite kid-friendly destinations while jet setting to one of her favorite cities:

LA- The Coop, Beverly Hills Juice, Sweet Harts (“I had my baby shower there!”), The Children’s Museum in Pasadena. “It’s so cool!”

NYC- Children’s Museum of the Arts (SOHO), Baked by Melissa, FAO Schwartz

Paris- Laduree, the Tuileries gardens (weather permitting), Pompidou Museum



“The best advice I received was to just “do the best you can” As moms we tend to beat ourselves up trying to be perfect for our children but they don’t need perfection. They need love and compassion and besides, in your child’s eyes, you’re already perfect!”


“The most surprising thing about being a mom was how much I changed. I look at life so differently than before. I see joy in all the ‘little things’ through my son. For him, a butterfly is magical. It really helps you appreciate life when you have a child.”


All Photos: Miha Matei














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