The Hive co-founder Sara Riff’s style ethos is simple: Try and inject a little glamour into the everyday. It’s something she indisputably sticks to, even when 8 months pregnant and while chasing after a toddler.

Known for a mane of cascading waves and signature oversized sunglasses, Riff’s accessories (heels or pointed toe flats), give even her most casual ensembles a glamorous framework that pulls it all together while the body changes and belly grows.

Relying on versatile jumpsuits from Hatch, sleek foundation basics from Storq and body hugging pieces with an edge from Raquel Allegra throughout her second pregnancy, Riff has remained true to her style mantra even approaching her April due date. By refocusing on highlighting her shape and punctuating it with sleek and feminine accessories, she has seamlessly blurred the lines between her pregnancy style and normal personal style.

“When the body is growing, the shopping options may be slowing,” says Riff about dressing during pregnancy. “But sunglasses always fit and make such a difference to a look.  My favorites are from Thierry Lasry, Celine and Jimmy Choo. (My husband thinks I need help for my addiction)”

We think, bring on more sunglasses and similarly chic accessories. They keep the glamour quotient high while pregnant and mask the look of sleepless nights as soon as the baby arrives, making them a pretty solid investment.

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Dress – Xirena, Hat – Marie Mercie Paris (similar available here) , Sunglasses – Celine, Sandals – Jimmy Choo,  Necklace – Jennifer Meyer 

How would you describe your personal style?

Feminine with an edge.

As this is your second pregnancy, does anything feel different this time?  

The biggest difference with the second pregnancy is the total lack of time and attention that you can dedicate to it because you already have a child, in my case a very active toddler.   My first pregnancy, everything was documented…I made my husband take a million pictures of my growing stomach.  This time…I can barely figure it out when someone asks me how far along I am.

Is there anything that you learned through your first pregnancy that you are trying to do differently this time?

I’m very lucky that my pregnancies have both been pretty comfortable for the most part. My delivery however was a different story.  I had envisioned a peaceful, natural birth set to the LED candles & playlists that I packed…not the 30 hour labor and emergency C Section. This time I am trying to approach the whole experience with flexible expectations, realizing that some times your body does not cooperate in the way that you hope it might and ultimately the most important thing is a healthy baby.  It was actually great preparation for motherhood…learning to relinquish control and let go.


Dress – Isabel Marant, Shoes – Alexander Wang

Do you change your beauty / exercise or any other habits during pregnancy?

I’ve been doing a lot of pilates during this pregnancy which has made such a huge difference in the way that my body feels.  Beyond that, I try to walk as much as possible and have popped in the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project DVD at least 5 times, which I suspect is significantly less than optimal use, but hey, you do what you can.

I use alot of natural oils and take baths with my daughter every night.  My skincare routine is minimal but I try to use as many organic and non toxic products as possible.


Trench – Raquel Allegra, Dress – Free People, Bag – Jimmy Choo, Shoes – Alexander Wang

Are you using the same beauty products and belly oils you did the first time? Or something different and why?

I use products from my aesthetician, Cristina Radu and was trying to get very regular facials in the beginning and middle of the pregnancy.  Towards the latter part, laying down on my back is kind of a challenge so that sort of went out the window.

I feel good using non toxic makeup products from Josie Maran like her Argan Color Stick and Hourglass’s tinted moisturizer.  RMS Uncover Up is natural and great for hiding all my pregnancy melasma but sometimes I just need to call in the big guns and use my Cle De Peau concealer.  I also LOVE lipsticks from ILIA which have great pigment without drying out your lips.

As far as belly oils, I am about it all day, every day!  I love the Pregnancy Body Oil from Shiffa (a line from Dubai that a friend turned me onto) as well as body oils from Honest, Rodin and Whole Foods.


Shirt – J. Crew, Jeans – Citizens of Humanity

Does your maternity style change much from how you usually dress? How so?

Well just in so far that I’m not normally rocking a huge belly bump or wearing super tight things but I think the most flattering silhouette on a pregnant body is something that hugs your curves. The world needs to handle this jelly!  I am actually much more comfortable wearing tight dresses during pregnancy than I ever would be normally. Aside from that, I am lucky in that my feet didn’t swell so I can wear my normal shoes pretty comfortably.

What are the items that stylishly carry your through your pregnancy?

I bought some great tees, dresses and a trench from Raquel Allegra, which I could dress up or down.  I love the Lily topIndochine pants and basically EVERYTHING from HATCH, the maternity leggings from David Lerner, a lot of Isabel Marant that fits loosely enough to wear through pregnancy. I got waxed jeans from Citizens that double as leather pants and versatile skirts & dresses from Storq and James Perse that look cute worn high waisted with shorter tops.

Southern_California_Wedding_Photographer_And_Jana_Williams-8456 copy

Dress -Just Say Native, Belt – Hermes Collier de Chien

As a working / busy mom, what do you feel has been the biggest challenge of this pregnancy?

Lack of time!  Its always a challenge to balance working with the evolving & super demanding needs of a toddler so throwing the hormones and fatigue of pregnancy into the mix just really enhances all of that.  Its really difficult to carve out any time for yourself, which is so needed during pregnancy and as a mother in general, when your time is already more than accounted for between work and taking care of a child.

What are 5 essentials you cant live without?

1) Dance parties with my daughter

2) Hair Color with Tracy Cunningham (nothing lifts my spirits like fresh color)

3) Pilates & Pre Natal Massages

4) Arnold Palmers – THE drink of my pregnancy.

5) Sunglasses (When the body is growing, the shopping options may be slowing…Sunglasses always fit and make such a difference to a look.  My favorites are from Thierry Lasry, Celine and Jimmy Choo and my husband thinks I need help for my addiction)

What are your favorite maternity jeans?

Truth be told, I don’t wear a ton of maternity jeans but the Citizens maternity styles are really cute.

After a full day working, what is the quickest and easiest tip for looking “pulled together”?

Dry Shampoo, Bright lipstick, RMS Highlighter, heels & a clutch dress up even the most basic black look.

What’s your go-to maternity look when you need to get dressed up to go out at night?

I got a few good black slip dresses from Organic & Free People that look great paired with a trench or a leather jacket.


Bikini – Melissa Odabash (similar available here), Sunglasses – Thierry Lasry

What is your staple footwear while pregnant?

I am still rocking my heels though I also love my Newbark slides as it gets harder to bend over to buckle.

What is your best style advice to pregnant women trying to find their maternity look?

I think pregnancy is a really special time and I know sometimes it doesn’t feel that way when your clothes don’t fit, and your body is changing and everything feels out of control.  My advice is to wear what makes you feel most comfortable and most like yourself and to have fun with the belly.  If all else fails, wear the boobs as much as possible!

Are you dressing the same this pregnancy as you did with your daughter?

Pretty much.  I just have so much less time to get ready in the morning now that I am responsible for getting her dressed as well.

With everything going on in your life, how do you find balance between work, your marriage, your child and nurturing yourself in any way?

I really believe that happiness has a trickle down effect.  If I am not in a good place mentally, physically or emotionally, I cant possibly be good for anyone else so I try to remember that when my instinct is to always want to spend every free minute with my daughter.  Its important that I take time for myself for exercise, meditation, friends or just getting a manicure some times so that I can feel like the best version of myself and be that for my family.

Lastly, whats been the most surprising thing about being a mom?  What advice would you share with others?

Its all been a surprise.  First that I could love someone so intensely that my heart feels like it might sometimes burst out of my body…I am often surprised by how much patience I can have, how exhausted I can be and the growing pains of accommodating this little person into your life who takes precedence over everything else and the wild responsibility that comes with all that, which is the scariest and most powerful feeling at the same time.  My advice is to take it one day at a time, try your best not to judge yourself and that everything changes quickly so to enjoy each stage as much as you can.

Photos by Jana Williams


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  • Lillian Wellen

    I love the fashions. Very complimentary for an expectant mother. The little girl and mom with the white dress is


  • Margie Snyder

    WOW….what a beautiful example of Blooming Motherhood…..Just reading about all the ups and downs for the Mommy to be, yet feeling how she adjusts along the way with her adorable side kick toddler by her side every step of the way. That’s what Mother’s Day is all about….all those special memories of love rolled into one’s heart.

    Every photo is just breathtaking and truly adds glamour to a tough nine months. Wouldn’t it be nice if every pregnant woman could feel as beautiful and special as Sara….since pregnancy is truly a remarkable time in a woman’s life . I only wish that every pregnant woman would have the luxury to be able to enjoy and embrace this special time of her life as well as Sara did….Just WONDERFUL!!!! Happy Mother’s Day !