Founder and Creative Director of Prism, Anna Laub knows a thing or two about style. The London bred, girl about town who started the brand in 2009 when she was frustrated with not being able to find cool optical glasses, just picked up the Emerging Accessories Designer Award at the British Fashion Awards. With mega celebrity fans including Rihanna and Kate Moss, Laub has expanded her line to include everything from swimsuits to espadrilles.  Now expecting her first child (a boy!) this spring, she shares with The Hive, her pregnancy style secrets, what she’s looking forward to most about becoming a mom and lets us tag along on her impromptu babymoon to Costa Rica.

British Fashion Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals

1. Walking the red carpet at the British Fashion Council Awards: Dress and Jacket – Barbara CasasolaBag – PRISM

What was the impetus for starting Prism?

I needed a pair of optical glasses and found it strange that I couldn’t find any that I loved and thought were cool but that weren’t either really boring or totally over the top and outlandish. At the time, it didn’t seem to be possible to shop optical glasses in the same way as any other accessory and it thought that was a mistake.

How would you describe your personal style?

Minimal, unfussy, relaxed but sophisticated. I focus on fabrics and stick to pretty similar silhouettes. I also like pretty simple tonal block colours.


2. Dinner with Friends: Top, Skirt, Jacket: Barbara CasasolaShoes: Toga Archive, Bag and glasses: PRISM 

Did you change your beauty / exercise or any other habits during pregnancy?

 Not so much – I did a bit more yoga before than I do now and now do pregnancy yoga. And am trying to be more disciplined now with my beauty regime using oil and organic creams etc.

Does your maternity style change much from how you usually dress? How so?

It actually hasn’t changed enormously. As my bump grew I took out all the stuff in my wardrobe that wouldnt fit and put it in another room and kept all the stuff that would fit – and there was quite a lot that remained. I tend to wear lots of stretchy but comfortable clothes – like tight longish skirts and cropped jumpers or knitted, jersey ankle length stretch dresses – all have been wearable throughout.


3. Relaxing Weekend: Dress – PRISM, Sunglasses – PRISM

What have been your 5 maternity wardrobe staples?

1. Ankle length tight, stretchy dresses: a few different ones – from Cos, Mother of Pearl, Toga, it’s winter here now but before (and in Costa Rica) was wearing lots of Issey Miyake and our PRISM cover ups – button up shirt dresses or modal t-shirt or tank dresses

2. Maternity jeans from The Gap

3. My PRISM espadrilles

4. Cropped knitted jumpers to wear with tube high wasted skirts. I love Prada, Rachel Comey, Toga and Barbara Casasola.

5. PRISM sunglasses – the one thing that hasn’t changed at all and I can still wear all of them 🙂


4. Babymoon in Costa Rica: Dress – PRISM

As a busy woman running your own company, what do you feel has been the biggest challenge of this pregnancy?

Just making sure that I get everything done before I leave for a bit.  And also making sure my team and the company is in good shape so that I don’t have to be here.

And also just generally having to prepare for the unknown, I genuinely don’t know how much time I will take off – or how much time I will want to or need to take off.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 23.16.20

5. Unwinding on the balcony during Babymoon: Dress – PRISM, Sunglasses-PRISM

What are your favorite maternity jeans?


After a full day working, what is the quickest and easiest tip for looking “pulled together”?

I tend to wear black. I find it the easiest to look unfussy.

What’s your go-to maternity look when you need to get dressed up to go out at night?

Again, normally something like a tight black ankle length dress is good.

What is your staple footwear while pregnant? 

PRISM espadrilles – comfortable but chic. I must admit I really am not wearing heels at all while pregnant.

Was this trip to Costa Rica a “baby moon”?

It was kind of a babymoon but we were on holiday with a huge group of all our family and lots of friends – and then we had a couple of days at the end of our own, which was lovely

What is your best style advice to pregnant women trying to find their maternity look?

I am a real fan of tighter clothes so that there is no confusion with the bump!! And I tended to stick to a similar silhouette to what I wore before – for example long skirts and cropped jumpers and ankle length tight dresses – I have tried to retain the style I had before and not completely change my whole wardrobe.


6. Light and Airy: Dress – PRISM, Sunglasses – PRISM, Espadrilles – PRISM

Whats been the biggest surprise about pregnancy?

It’s all a surprise really – and all a little strange to be honest – just every stage really I found to be pretty amazing. I cant believe everyone in the world goes through this!

What are you looking most forward to about becoming a mom? 

I just cant wait to meet him – am so excited to have this little new person in my life 🙂

What is the best advice you have received so far regarding motherhood?

To plan as much as you can to make your life a bit easier juggling work etc – but also just be as relaxed as you can – this is one thing you really cant know or plan it just depends on what kind of baby you get…


Photo Credit: British Fashion Awards -Mike Marsland, All Other Images Courtesy of Anna Laub


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