Chef & Owner of Valleybrink Road Catering Company, Barrett Prendergast has approached her pregnancy with a feminine and relaxed style.  Relying on bohemian shapes with a colorful palette, Prendergast says, “I think a pregnant belly is beautiful so I guess I have just embraced it. There is really no point in hiding it! Most things are more flattering when they show the bump off a bit anyway.”

While most of the time she veers towards long, flowy silhouettes, she favors maternity jeans by  J Brand and AG for when she is prepping for a party or assembling one of her cult favorite custom gift boxes.  “When I am working on gift boxes, jeans are a must. I am down on the ground, making flower arrangements, and putting together the gift boxes, so it gets messy.”

Ultimately whether she’s dressed up or down, Prendergast’s mantra has been, “Stick with the personal style you had before you got pregnant and find new pieces that work with your growing bump. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to have a totally new look.”


 1. Cooking Prep Day – Dress – Forever 21, Shirt – GAP, Shoes – Sandals from Positano 

I have really tried to embrace the changes in my body, rather than focus on the fact I am getting bigger or gaining weight. That would really be my best advice. Embrace the change. It really is beautiful.”


2. Catering Event – Dress – Alice Temperley (Similar available here) Shoes – Sandals from Positano

For my catering events, I like to dress like I am going to the party. I  wear dresses (usually cotton) so they can easily be cleaned. I always wear a Fog Linen apron to protect what I am wearing.”


3. Farmer’s Market TripDressVintage (Similar available here) HatSun Body, ShoesSandals from Positano 

I’ve always been a dress girl. Being pregnant in the LA heat though, definitely calls for lots of loose, breezy dresses I didn’t really buy any “maternity” clothing besides the jeans. A lot of the loose fitting, vintage dresses I already had were perfect and more importantly, comfortable.”


4. Date NightDress – Zara (Similar available here and here) , ScarfVintage

I wear a lot of color and this didn’t really change once I got pregnant. You still want to feel pretty!”  As far as footwear, Prendergast relies on sandals or converse to get her through the day, even if her feet swell.  “I know a lot of women don’t seem to like sandals when they are pregnant but I have found them to be super comfortable. Converse have been great for going to the flower mart and running around during the week. No heels for me!”

All Photos by Andre Vippolis


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