Model, Swimwear Designer & Mother Tori Praver perfectly embodies that California by way of Hawaii relaxed beauty.  She manages to balance running her eponymous brand with raising three year old daughter Ryan and still looks amazing in a bikini.  Now with a little boy on the way, we checked back in with Praver to learn her style & beauty secrets and find out how her pregnancy is different the second time around.

How would you describe your personal style?
Bohemian with a touch of ​R​ock ​N​ ​R​oll!

As this is your second pregnancy, does anything feel different this time? 
I just feel bigger! ​Since​ I’m having a boy and this is my​ second​ pregnancy, I got bigger much faster​.​  I am pretty uncomfortable at this point and still have ​one​ month to go!

How was your first delivery and are you planning anything different this time?
It was very long but ended up being beautiful and natural like I planned. I just hope this time it​’​s quicker!

Do you change your beauty / exercise or any other habits during pregnancy?
Not much- I stick to my yoga ​three ​days a week and try to keep my healthy diet of lots of greens and protein. When I’m pregnant I use as many organic and natural beauty products as possible. I might allow myself a few more sweets than I normally would, but hey- I deserve it!


Does your maternity style change much from how you usually dress? How so?
I definitely try to be comfortable at all times. Normally I’m more concerned about how my outfit looks but when pregnant, being comfortable is my number one priority.

What are the items that stylishly carry your through your pregnancy?
A great pair of maternity jeans. ​L​ike I said, shoes and jackets are your best friend when pregnant because they will always fit and work through your whole pregnancy.

As a working / busy mom, what do you feel has been the biggest challenge of this pregnancy?
​Since​ I have a toddler this time, finding the time to rest and relax has been difficult. With my first pregnancy I was able to to take the time I needed when I was exhausted or needed a break and this time its just not really possible.

What are 5 essentials you cant live without?
What are your favorite maternity jeans?
Citizens of Humanity​.​


What’s your go-to maternity look when you need to get dressed up to go out at night?
A belly hugging top, maternity jeans, cute boots and a leather jacket​.

What is your staple footwear while pregnant?
Shoes are the one thing that fit no matter where you are in your pregnancy. I love to play with shoes to dress up a look or make a look complete. They are a pregnant girls best friend.

What is your best style advice to pregnant women trying to find their maternity look?
Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable with a baby bump. I always feel best wearing things that hug my belly and show it off rather loose flowy things because they make me feel bigger.


Are you dressing the same this pregnancy as you did with your daughter?
For the most part, I have experimented more this time with fashionable looks and things that aren’t “maternity”. You would be surprised at what actually works with a baby bump. I think I have had more fun with clothes this time around.

With everything going on in your life, how do you find balance between work, your marriage, your child and nurturing yourself in any way?
This is a struggle that I deal with every day. Trying to be the best mom, wife, and business woman all at the same time is stressful and very hard. I often feel guilty in one area and then have to remind myself that I am doing my best and just need to accept that I am busy. Whether its date night with my husband once a week, ballet class with my daughter, my weekly yoga classes… there are just a couple of things that I always make time for and just have to be confident that I am doing the best job I can.


Lastly, whats been the most surprising thing about being a mom? What advice would you share with others?
I always thought having a child would slow life down, that I would be able to take each day slower. But having kids is the exact opposite! The days fly by and then you realize that years have gone by! Take advantage of every day and special moment with your little ones mamas because they grow up way too fast!


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