Designer Jenna Grigsby Jackson took that (pre-children) trip around the world with her husband that we all dream of. After visiting 41 countries, the pair took away significantly more than just the expected set of memories, chic shopping finds and souvenirs – they cemented their experience with the launch of a high end accessories line named, august.

A few years after birthing their brand of luxe leather bags, totes and clutches, they had their son, Keller. Now, pregnant with her second baby, Grigsby Jackson is experiencing the same mental and physical symptoms she did with her first, save for less alone time and Netflix marathons.

Her style however, is still on point, thanks to a balance of understated yet luxurious basics, punctuated with striking pieces from her and her husband’s accessory line.

Here, Grigsby Jackson shares just how she makes a pregnancy “uniform” feel edgy, versatile and inspired.


Farmer’s Market: T by Raquel Allegra, Pants by Georgie, shoes Jenni Kayne, hat by Janessa Leone, bag august Cartagena from summer collection.

How would you describe your personal style?

Casual luxe.  I am a working mom but, because I’m in fashion, I need transitional pieces that work from a meeting to preschool pick up.  I am loyal to high quality fabrics, neutral colors and modern cuts and then I play with accessories. I usually like my bags and shoes with a hint of edge to play against all my neutral, modern clothes.  My girlfriend ran a blog called Tomboy Chic and I love that twist since that’s how my style can lean.

As this is your second pregnancy, does anything feel different this time?

This time around is nearly identical to my last, which is great for me as I am not a fan of surprises!  The biggest difference is having my son, Keller.  There is no time for Netflix marathons of my own choosing so instead I sneak in cuddle time watching dinosaur movies with him to get some time off my feet.


Bar: dress T by Alexander Wang, Jacket Saint Laurent, shoes Isabel Marant, bag august courchevel in spot hair calf from our holiday collection.

Are you using the same beauty products and belly oils you did the first time? Or something different and why?

I have a friend at Beauty Counter and she really turned me on to their products, especially their face oil which has helped me with the mix of hormonal skin issues I get when pregnant.  Their dedication to natural ingredients makes me feel good about putting it onto my skin. One of my best friends, Patrick Foley, is head of make-up at Barneys and he helps me with my day and night looks – Cle du Peau’s tinted moisturizer is a new favorite.

What are your favorite maternity jeans?

I ran merchandising at Gap Maternity and I truly love the jeans we did.  They’re affordable and comfortable and washable, all things I need as a pregnant mom of a toddler.  I stick to grey and black because they look good when they’re new and cool when they’re worn in and faded.

What is your staple footwear while pregnant?

My Isabel Marant boots get me through the days when I need a lift. The thick heel makes them comfortable all day long.  Recently, I bought myself a pair of those Miu Miu slip-ons with the metallic toe and I just got a pair of Jenni Kayne slip-on mules in leopard print so those have been comfy and cool.


Work: jeans by gap maternity, T by Rag & Bone, Vest by Rag & Bone, shoes Isabel Marant, Bag august Chelsea wallet in cemento croco from our fall collection

As a working / busy mom, what do you feel has been the biggest challenge of this pregnancy?

I think, like all working moms, it’s really hard to balance being a professional, a mother, a wife and then a person, myself!  My goal this time has been to carve out time for consistent exercise, making it a priority and sticking to it because it makes me feel better.  I’m not perfect but I’m working on it!

What was your inspiration behind starting august?

My husband, Charley, and I took a year long trip around the world visiting 41 countries.  We climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, went horseback riding in rural Argentina, lived in Paris for a month, I could go on and on.  I was doing some consulting on our trip and I felt like the bags I had never did double duty.  They were gorgeous and didn’t last or they were rugged and were inappropriate for my meetings.  When we landed in Paris we were living in the Marais and these gorgeous Parisian girls were walking through the market stalls shopping for veggies with these great bags and then taking them out to dinner and it gave me the idea for the Marais tote.  It is made of luxe leather and looks great for any occasion. It is super light-weight and has lots of functional pockets and then can literally lie flat in the bottom of a bag when you’re traveling and want to stow it.

Beach: dress Raquel Allegra, sandals Ancient Greek sandals, necklace by MOCK jewels, bag august marais tote in sand lizard from our resort collection, Watch & bracelet worn throughout: Hermes, Earrings worn throughout: hoops from Union Street Goldsmith in SF, bars from GOOP pop up at Brentwood Country Mart, small arrow from Moondance, Rings worn throughout: my wedding ring and my grandmother’s anniversary ring, which Charley proposed with.

Which item(s) from your line do you think is the handiest for busy moms on the go?

The Marais tote makes a great diaper bag — I always try and keep the working mom-on-the-go in mind because I am her!  I usually have my iPad in a Portofino and then my personal necessities in another one. When my mom or nanny comes to help with Keller,  I can pull my pouches and then pass off my Marais and it’s filled with everything Keller needs.

Lastly, what’s been the most surprising thing about being a mom? What advice would you share with others?

You’re never prepared for just how challenging being a mother will be but you’re also not prepared for this little human to change your life in such profoundly wonderful ways.  My advice is to try and enjoy it – even when it’s hard!

 Photo Credit: All Photos Courtesy of Jenna Grigsby Jackson


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