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You know how people are always referring to that canon of cool French girls and their style? There’s Charlotte Rampling, Francois Hardy and Jane Birkin (ok, not technically French but has lived there long enough, plus pretty much defined the look). Well, a sure to be added modern day member of that gang and soon-to-be mom is jewelry designer Aurelie Bidermann.

For over a decade, Paris-based Bidermann has been creating timeless, textural and truly beautiful jewelry that has the same lasting power as her personal style –  something she describes as “classic Parisian.”

Also like her own wardrobe, her jewelry has touches of whimsy and boho, with plenty of pops of vibrant color and elegant detail.

During her pregnancy, Bidermann’s style remained in line with her non-pregnancy look. She incorporated a lot of dresses, comfortable layers and unsurprisingly, plenty of her own jewelry.

Here, she describes her bump style (hint: no maternity jeans. Also, get the right knit dress and amazing jewelry and you’re good) and likens being pregnant to “living in a bubble.”

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When are you due and do you know what you are having?

End of July and it’s a little girl 

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say that my style is classic Parisian, but I definitely adopt a more Bohemian style during the summer months.

Did you change your beauty / exercise or any other habits during pregnancy?

Yes a little, all my beauty products became organic and bio ! About exercises, I always do floor bar but only 20% of the exercises 

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Does your maternity style change much from how you usually dress? How so?

I used to wear trousers only, but since I’m pregnant I have to say that I only wear Tomas Maier cashmere dresses (yes it’s freezing in Paris !), with a T by Alexander Wang t-shirt under.

What are the items that stylishly carry you through your pregnancy?

This black and colored striped vintage dress that used to be my mom’s – she wore it when she was pregnant with me. It is very special to me and so easy to wear during the day or if I want to dress it up at night, it’s the perfect piece.

As a working / busy mom, what do you feel has been the biggest challenge of this pregnancy?

My goldfish brain, ha it’s a French term for scatter-brained. Also, I tend to get tired a lot easier. Besides that, my pregnancy has been really easy and great.

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What are 5 essentials you cant live without?

My 13 wheat necklace, my personalized signet ring, my 9 personalized 18 carats yellow gold bracelets, I think I will have a new one very soon, my tonic oil by Clarins, and a little pouch of fresh almonds.

What are your favorite maternity jeans?

No, I don’t wear maternity jeans, I love to wear a nice comfortable long knit dress with a leather jacket or robe. My favorite is my grey knit cashmere dress from Tomas Maier, it travels so well and has kept me so warm this winter.

After a full day working, what is the quickest and easiest tip for looking “pulled together”?

A 15 mn nap ! 🙂

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What’s your go-to maternity look when you need to get dressed up to go out at night?

Kimono or pajamas is so choc for the nights, with big earrings and red lipstick. My advice is to wear big jewelry, the eyes are catch by the pieces and not by the belly.

What is your staple footwear while pregnant?

My Rondini flip flop made to meisure, I have them in all color but I always wear the natural one.

What is your best style advice to pregnant women trying to find their maternity look?

Feeling comfortable is the most important thing to remember, but that doesn’t mean compromising your style! I feel my best in long, flowy dresses with lots of jewelry, of course.

Lastly, whats been the most surprising thing about being pregnant? What advice would you share with others?

You live in a bubble, everything is ok, no stress, no contrarieties.

PHOTO CREDIT: All Photos By Pamela Berkovic


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