“No one is here without a mom.” Says jewelry designer and mother of two, Jennifer Meyer, as she sits perched at the edge of a blush colored couch in her sun-drenched L.A studio. When discussing Mother’s Day, she counts it as just one in a string of many days to celebrate the strong women around her, specifically her sisters, mother and grandmother.

The CFDA Fashion Fund finalist and creative mind behind Jennifer Meyer Jewelry, is as whole heartedly immersed in her thriving accessories business as she is running a household – exhibiting first hand that mom-entreprenuer balance by sorting out a school pick up and nanny schedule, then seamlessly asking an assistant for some work-related information.


Being a busy mom is one of the inspirations behind her popular jewelry line – collectable pieces you can put on and leave on, while looking effortlessly gorgeous.

“As a busy mom, there’s no time to change your jewelry everyday.” She says. “This is made to wear to sleep, to party, on date night…and as a mother, these are pieces you want to have close to you at all times.”

Those pieces, specifically include the solid gold “I Love You” pendants and nameplate necklaces (she wears one with her kids’ names, Ruby & Otis,) and a newly released customizable charm necklace that holds all of your most treasured symbols in one place.

“It’s about putting everything you love together, a way to wear them all at once.” Says Meyer. “As a mother, you want to have meaningful charms close to you at all times. To have that feeling on you is a beautiful, constant reminder.”


Besides the sentiment behind each piece of jewelry, Meyer’s main inspiration in creating her line is her paternal grandmother, Edith Meyer.

“My grandmother was so creative. She made enamel jewelry.” Says Meyer. “My need for creativity came from her. I do jewelry because of her.”


Creativity flows through her entire family, from her grandmother, to her, to her young children. 7-year-old  Ruby frequently strings together beads and draws posters for her mom’s business.

“She loves jewelry, because I love jewelry.” Remarks Meyer. “But, when she grows up, she says she wants to be an actress, a pop star and a basketball player.”

Her children are constantly drawing her pictures, most of which she frames and hangs on the walls of her home. But being such prolific artists, her children’s unframed items are filed into an artist portfolios, which Meyer purchased at a local art store.


No doubt her kids will be creating custom artwork for her this Mother’s Day, which Meyer will be spending with her family. “There will most likely be a lot of eating.” She says. “My mother’s day is great if my husband let’s me sleep in.”

Ultimately, she says, Mother’s Day is an amazing time to celebrate women. “I love women. We’re geniuses and handle everything.”

And with that. Happy Mother’s Day to women everywhere.





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