The term Blonde Bombshell is an oft overused term, but in when it comes to model, swimwear designer and mother, Tori Praver, we feel pretty comfortable throwing the words around to describe yes, that gorgeous mane and bikini ready body, but also her ability to build an impressive swimsuit empire and juggle work life and travel with a toddler all while maintaining that enviable, Southern California by way of Hawaii vibe, that all has us well, blown away.

Blurring the lines between her professional and personal life (in the best way possible) is that fact that she gets to work alongside her mother everyday. Tori’s business partner in her eponymous swimsuit brand is her mom Lori and together they form a beautiful and formidable duo that has grown the younger Praver’s collection into the incredibly successful company it is today.

They share the company, the same eyes and blonde hair as well as a special bond with each other and Tori’s 2-year-old daughter Ryan.

Here, the Pravers discuss Mother’s Day memories, family traditions and building a business as best friends, plus some personal photos from their recent trips to Bali and Hawaii.


Have you two always been close?

TORI: We are best friends! We have always had a very close relationship and I feel blessed for that. Things are not always perfect, yes we argue and bicker but it never lasts long. We are always there for each other and we know that at the end of the day none of the small stuff matters. 
LORI: She has always been my best friend, however when she was a little girl, I was just her mommy.
Lori, can you describe your most memorable Mother’s Day?
Every Mother’s Day has been memorable because both of my children always went out of their way to make it special – one in particular would be when Tori was probably 9 and my son was 12 – they both prepared breakfast in bed for me and wouldn’t let me lift a finger the rest of the day. They had planned everything from lunch to dinner and cleaned the house.  What I remember most was the camaraderie and connection between my two kids that made me so proud and peaceful knowing they showed love for each other and worked in unison to please me that day.  It was the most rewarding Mother’s Day ever.  
Tori, what is one of the best pieces of advice your mom has offered about motherhood?
I go to my mom for most things I have questions or concerns with. She is so great with babies and children, so I feel very lucky to be able to have her help and guidance with raising my daughter. She has always told me that you can never give your child enough love and affection and that has always stuck in my head. Let’s just say that Ryan gets lots of kisses and hugs!
What is it like to work with each other on a daily basis?
TORI: To be honest, it’s hard! But it is also great at the same time. I feel like I have the best business partner you could ask for, someone I truly trust and I know has my best interest in mind at all times. 
LORI: Working with each other is actually simple, because she is the creative designer and I do all the behind the scenes and business end.  It’s really a perfect match.  I love what I do, and it is so rewarding to watch the business grow and expand.
Tori, what are some of the things you most admire about your mother? Are there any meaningful traditions or pieces of wisdom from your mother that you hope to pass on or share with your own daughter?
I admire my mother because she is smart, strong, and such a fun loving person. She is giving and kind, and always puts others before herself. My mom always told me that what you put out in the universe is what you get back and I grew up knowing what karma was from a very young age. From the time I was a young girl, she would have me write down my wishes, hopes and dreams on a piece of paper. Then we would put them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer and that was our way of putting our faith in the universe’s hands. I still do this to this day and will also have my children carry on this tradition. 
Lori, what is your relationship with your granddaughter like? Do you have special outings or activities you do together?
I know every grandmother says it, but you never truly know the feeling until you experience it, the love and connection I have with Ryan is so incredibly special and rare. I never would have thought I could love anything more than my kids, but Ryan makes my life complete.  She calls me YaYa, a name I chose because I knew it would be easy for her to say when she was learning to speak. I see her often and we do whatever she wants when we’re together.  She loves animals so she especially likes looking for lady bugs. We also go to the pet store and buy goldfish and we are always on the lookout in the car for horses and cows to view. She’s pretty special in my eyes! There is nothing better than hearing “Hi Yaya!”  


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