In honor of Mother’s Day, (and mom’s everywhere), we are rolling out a whole week of our regular Momspiration Monday feature as “Momspiration Mother’s Day”, starring several women who inspire us most.

To kick things off, January Jones,¬†brings it back to being 3-years-old and cuddling with her equally-as-lovely mom, Karen Jones. Cut to present day, where the actress accompanied her mom on her first trip to Paris and also shares with us why she considers her mother her “hero”.

January Kid

“This first photo is my mom Karen Jones and me cuddling. I must’ve been about 3-years-old. She was so young – such a fun mommy!”

January Paris
“The second photo is when we were in Paris this fall. It was her first trip there and we had so much fun! She’s such a strong woman, smart and a successful business woman and creative artist too. A testament and amazing example that a woman CAN do it all. My hero!”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of January Jones


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