This week we lost the beloved Joan Rivers.  While most well known for her no holds barred style of comedy and plastic surgery, Rivers was also a trailblazer, workhorse and postmodern feminist icon who balanced a very high profile Hollywood career with raising her daughter as a single mother.

Despite her ambition, Rivers made a commitment to be a hands on parent.   “When I was pregnant I was sitting with a very famous actress on the playground,” she recalled to The Huffington Post. “The child fell and ran to the nanny. At that point I decided my child would always run to me. We had dinner together every night and every night I put a line in my book at 6 p.m. and that was it.”

Rivers was a devoted mother and grandmother.  In classic fashion, she said, “My daughter and I are very close.  We speak every single day and I call her every day and I say the same thing, ‘Pick up, I know you’re there.’ And she says the same thing back, ‘How’d you get this new number?'”


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