CYBEX x Jeremy Scott
The Jeremy Scott Stroller 
You’ve always known your baby was an angel and apparently, Jeremy Scott understands the feeling.
The splashy designer and creative director of Moschino, where he’s managed to incorporate as much pop art and whimsy as he has throughout his eponymous line in the past, has teamed up with Cybex to create a very fashion forward and truly fun new limited edition stroller.
The JEREMY SCOTT stroller, which is built on the Priam – a stroller inspired by Ray and Charles Eames – includes a Lux seat (newborn – 4 years old), the Carry Cot (infants) and the Cloud Q car seat.  It features a matte black fabric with gold metal wings affixed to the sides.  Some might recognize the metallic wings from the long time Adidas collaboration Scott did, where the same wings were affixed to high top sneakers.
Also being launched by Cybex this month is an equally as adorable BUTTERFLY stroller, which features a bold metallic pattern embellished with hand stitched butterflies.


The Butterfly Stroller
Jeremy Scott Stroller Pricing:
Priam with Lux Seat – $1,699.95
Carry Cot – $499.95
Aton Q Car Seat – $449.95
Butterfly Stroller Pricing:
Priam with Lux Seat – $649.95 (Frame) / $449.95
Carry Cot – $399.95
Cloud Q Car Seat – $549.95
Both available at


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