It’s the never ending saga, the human condition: we are never satisfied. When our hair is curly, we want stick straight strands, when it’s 85 degrees out, we want jacket weather.

The latter will never cease to be true especially when kid’s lines like Misha and Puff keep putting out fall collections that take tiny knitwear to the next level.

Launching in early September, the brand’s Fall Winter 2016 collection is inspired by nostalgic memories of winters on the New England seasides with influences from vintage knits, and faded photography.

Think tunic dresses, fisherman bloomers and suspender leggings wintery shades of nutmeg and persimmon. There’s also a ridiculous Snow Peak poncho in a color-way they’re calling “Confetti Cake”. And there’s the North Wind coat, a seasonal adaptation of the favorite summer beach jacket. Styles are seasonally titled with cozy names such as pinecone, saltwater and sugar maple and accessories such as the Gloucester scarf, prism bonnet & day hike booties are also available to give your little one that extra bit of warmth for their cold winter walks

For now, we’ll just keep checking the barometer for a significant cool down and look forward to fall for the knitwear and summer nostalgia that comes with it.







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