You know the phrase, “Kids say the funniest things?” Well, in the case of actress, writer and comedienne, Liz Carey, and her 8 year old son, Waylon, the funny just flows back and forth between mom and son so naturally, there is no doubt where the kid got his sense of humor.

For Carey, a regular cast member on Chelsea Lately and Super Fun Night, who can also be seen in The 40 year Old Virgin and Walk of Shame, (which hits theaters May 2nd!), juggling auditions, makeup chair sessions and long days on set, with Waylon’s 3rd grade school projects and basketball games, often has her so harried, cloning her leggy self seems like the only solution.


Until science catches up, Carey handles her packed schedule, burgeoning career and superstar mom duties, with grace and of course, a hefty dose of comedy.

Here, she shares the 5 things she never imagined Waylon would say, but loves (and laughs) at the fact that he did:

1. “Do you have anything that other moms wear like some normal  jeans and a t-shirt. ” This kid gets dropped off at school with me in a variety of sketch comedy looks, or “hooker” outfits.

2. I knew we had officially entered 2nd grade when he looked me up and down in my “ballet gear” and said, “You can leave me at the gate.” I said, “Why? Is it the ballet clothes?” And he goes, “yep”and just walked off like no big deal.

3. “Oh my god what is all over your face? It looks like you put dirt on your face.” Sometimes moms go out. Sometimes they have a professional makeup artist do a full smokey eye.

4. 4th of july BBQ. Upon seeing me in some super cute high waisted jean shorts. He says, “What are those? I don’t understand if its shorts or a skirt, but your butt is all over.” Those shorts were thrown out. SHAME SHORTS.

5. As we all do. Waylon toyed around with being vegan. My friend was in the midst of writing a vegan cookbook and “testing” /brainwashing recipes on him. At the Whole Foods meat counter he shouted out, “Oh my god! Is this a whole case of dead animals?”  Yes, I said.

Photo: Liz Carey and her son, Waylon, courtesy of Liz Carey.


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