As the world’s favourite children’s watch turns 30, we celebrate their story of heritage and innovation. Flik Flak was born in 1987 in Biel, Switzerland. It was the first watch to have a dedicated concept for learning to tell the time and proudly remains the only Swiss made children’s watch today. The brand has evolved to embrace new generations and trends, always remaining loyal to its heritage. The Flik Flak mission has stayed the same since its birth: providing reliable tools for learning to tell the time in an effective and fun way. Developed in close collaboration with teachers, the proven “edutainment” concept is what makes all Flik Flak watches for kids tick. It follows strict guidelines that cleverly combine intuitive learning with stylish design.


As part of any good birthday celebration, Flik Flak is prepared for global gift giving with its special 30th Birthday Collection. There are 18 fun watches for kids, all Swiss made and with color-coded time telling. Story Time pieces ignite the imaginations of younger boys and girls with cupcakes, fizzy drinks, balloons and bunting. Bigger brothers and sisters get stylish color schemes, grown-up materials and a splash of accessorizing sophistication. These promise to appear on wish lists everywhere – and not just for birthdays. Time is definitely for giving in 2017.


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