We’ve been smitten with Brooklyn based artist Tamar Mogendorff‘s gorgeous creations ever since we discovered her floating swan piece. Her one-of-a-kind “soft sculptures” inspire both children and adults alike. Interpreting everything from fish to birdcages…oyster shells to mushrooms in her unique way had led to collaborations with Akiko Et Atsuyo, Anna Sui and Land of Nod.

While we wish we could move into her magical world, we’ve settled for a chance to talk with Mogendorff and understand where she draws inspiration, the process behind construction and if she’s ever loved anything too much to let it go….


Where do you draw inspiration?

Inspiration is so random. I can sometimes get inspired while working on something – and get a whole idea and inspiration for other pieces – it can come from a fabric – from a new technic i found.. and then of course from images.. movies, colors.. traveling etc.. But i am someone who really believe in being in the studio and trying things and letting myself go with all the ideas that flow there while working.. For me – a fabric is a great inspiration.. I can have so many stories in my head just from a fabric.. if it is the right one.


What is the process of creating a new piece entail?

Usually i have the idea of what i want to make, I draw it and then I look for the right fabric…or I get a fabric first and then get the idea..based on these I make the pattern and then there is a lot of editing – what is important what is not / color / etc.. sometimes it needs to be smaller or bigger, I make all the decisions while working on the first prototype.  Then I need to look at it for few days to make sure I feel right with it.



Do you ever get attached to items and not want to sell them?

Rarely,  if they are an accident and I know it will be hard to redo or an old one I know I will never make again..but normally I end up giving or selling them anyway.

 I try to keep some samples here to have an archive, but my space is so limited. I also enjoying giving them to friends to keep them for me, and they end up loving them, and so I love it that they love theirs.



Which is your favorite piece that you’ve created?

I think if I had to choose it will be the black bird cage with one bird.  I love how simple it is, the simple shape, the simple idea. I love how it has a life of its on, when it hangs in a space.
For more of Mogendorff’s beautiful creations, visit her website.


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