Every time we attend a shower or visit a friend with a new baby, we are always impressed with the savvy friend that thought ahead enough to special order her a customized gift.  It suggests a more organized and efficient approach to life that we always kick ourselves for not having enough of…but thats another story.  Finally, we have found a very easy way to become that thoughtful friend ourselves!!  Enter UK-based baby brand, My 1st Years, which is the number one personalized baby gift brand, selling unique collections for occasions from births and christenings to school trips and holidays.  Their range includes clothes and footwear, silver keepsakes, teddy bears, blankets and storage solutions – as well as a growing selection for moms and dads.  Founded straight out of university by childhood friends Daniel Price + Jonny Sitton, the brand has grown from a home business reliant to a major baby brand purchased and loved by parents and celebrities all over the world including none other than Prince George and little Luna Legend.  We checked in with Price to get the skinny on why personalization is all the rage and how we can one day pull off meeting dignitaries in our bathrobe.

Elephant Backpack, $28


What was the impetus for starting My 1st Years right out of university?

My co-founder Jonny and I have known each other since childhood.  After graduating university, we noticed a gap in the market when looking for the perfect new baby gift.  It was at a time when David Beckham was personalizing his football boots and Nike ID came out.  After loads of research, we wanted to see how it could be applied to baby gifts.  We started with shoes and Jonny and I re-engineered an old embroidery machine so that it could personalize baby sized high top trainers.  The feedback was amazing and from then on, My 1st Years was born.

Glitter High Tops, $27

What makes the company so unique?

Each of our products are able to be personalized and comes beautifully packaged in our luxury and complimentary gift boxes. Our quality customer service is excellent and we go out of our way to make sure the customer has a positive shopping experience with us.

What are your most popular items?

Our storage bags and back packs are always a winner. They come in several styles and prints to suit all tastes and make a great addition to any nursery or playroom.  Customers love our personalized high tops and of course there is also our iconic robe that Prince George wore when he met President Obama.


Ditsy Storage Bag, $50

How did Prince George discover the brand?

We gifted Prince George when Charlotte was born as big brother present.  It was a surprise to us all when the photo appeared in the press.  We were thrilled that he loved our product so much!


Wearing a bathrobe to meet the President is a pretty pimp thing to do…has this inspired many other baby robe purchases?

The robe sold out in seconds and we had to put it on pre-order the night that the image was released. It’s amazing how powerful that photo was. This infamous robe continues to be one of our best sellers on the site.

Blue Gingham Robe, $34

Why do you think parents / kids love personalization so much?

We all want to give something truly unique and a personalized gift always looks more personal. Little one’s also love to see their name on things and take ownership of their items.  The beauty of our product is that no two products are ever identical as you can personalize them in any font and color you desire making them truly unique and the perfect keep sake gift to treasure for years.

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