It’s National Foster Care Month and we are declaring it Mother’s Month too! Yes we know everyone else calls it Mother’s Day but we believe moms deserve more than a day to be celebrated and supported. So join us all month long to support teen moms in foster care by celebrating the moms in your life.

For the quarter of girls in foster care who become mothers by 17.
For the 40% of those girls who have a second child by 20.
For the 66% of their babies who become teen moms themselves.
We are an alliance.
That means that we show up for one another.
We roll up our sleeves.
And we get things done.
As moms, we understand just how difficult today might be.
But we also know how much better we can make tomorrow.
Some say that becoming a mom is life-changing.
We say that it’s world-changing.
We are an Alliance of Moms.
And the future is what we make it.

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