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    All that Glitters: Holiday Boot from AKID

    In case you were looking for something to brighten up your holiday and set you off on the right foot for the New Year, look no further. AKID has launched a sparkle boot that is sure to do the trick.  Available for $90 exclusively at www.akidbrand.com…Get’em before they’re gone!

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    The Hive Holiday Photos with Bonpoint

    We can’t imagine there is anything dreamier than the magical French children’s brand, Bonpoint…so were thrilled when invited to their holiday shoot with photographer, Blue Caleel. Wrangling two kids to do anything, let alone take a photo can be a daunting task but pried with enough whimsical headdresses (for my daughter) and some champagne (for… View Article >

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    Mom Jeans: Hipster Worn, Mother Approved.

    It’s no secret that the high waist, tapered leg and often wedgie (ahem, front and back), pants known as “Mom Jeans” are and have been back in style for a while. But we’ve never really paused to explore why. That is until The Hive co-founder Melissa Magsaysay decided to dissect the topic a bit in… View Article >

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    The Daily Buzz: Jennifer Fisher Interlocking Hoops

    We LOVE Jennifer Fisher’s bold and playful jewelry.  This modern twist on the traditional hoop is a must have for the holiday season and beyond.   Jennifer Fisher Interlocking Hoops, $315