My Bump Diary: Heather Taylor

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Style transcends just our clothing and seeps into our surroundings, the way we entertain and treat others. Designer and writer Heather Taylor demonstrates this idea in spades, adorning her bump with easy, neutral pieces, creating a chic and multicultural inspired environment in her home and designing thoughtful, handcrafted table linens, scarves and baby blankets that have garnered a solid following among the fashion set.

Taylor’s sartorial journey through pregnancy has carried this same consistently effortless and earthy look. She has stuck to body conscious but comfortable dresses in neutral shades, which she punctuates with an understated sandal or clog.

Regardless of what dress, maxi skirt or lived in t-shirt she chooses to adorn her bump,Taylor stays loyal to two items that are signatures of her style – a lightweight classic, tan trench and a bold red lip.

Her look is proof that even though our bodies can be highly unpredictable during pregnancy, simple things that speak to our personal taste (in Taylor’s case, the vivid red lip color or earthy and embroidered details on a dress), help us channel our very stylish selves, if even for a moment.

1. Weekend at Home - Dress: Smock; Shoes: Birkenstock; Earrings: Jessica Winzelberg
This dress by Smock is so cozy. It’s really soft, but also simple and chic. Belting it just above the bump helps give it a great shape. I especially love it with  white Birks and a red lip (one of my pregnancy staples!).
2. Lunch With Girlfriends - Dress: Smock; Shoes: Isabel Marant
The structure of this dress makes me feel really pulled together, which can really affect my mood! I’ve been loving wearing white while pregnancy in the hot weather, as it makes me feel light and cool. The Isabel clogs are a perfect pregnancy shoe because they have a little bit of height, but are still really comfortable.
3. Special Occasion - Dress: Vintage Diane Fries from Just Say Native; Ear Cuff and Hair Pin: Beatrice Valenzuela
This vintage dress is as comfortable as it is dramatic, which makes it a great pregnancy option for a fancy evening event. I recently wore it to a wedding and felt really carefree. I love playing up the drama by pairing it with really beautiful statement jewelry like my Beatrice Valenzuela hair pin and ear cuff.
4. Date Night - Dress: Jesse Kamm, Shoes: Birkenstock; Scarf: Heather Taylor; Tote: Clare Vivier 
Jesse Kamm is one of my favorite designers and her minimalist sack dresses are perfect for my day-to-day non-pregnant life. Turns out they are ideal for pregnancy too with their forgiving shape. And the color is totally eye-catching. Love it with the crisp white Birks.
5. Business Meeting - Dress: Acne; Trench: Jesse Kamm; Shoes: Isabel Marant; Tote: Clare Vivier; Tassel: Kneeland Mercado 
My pregnancy uniform is summed up in this outfit: a form-fitting short dress, light-weight trench, shoes with a little height, bag with a little pizazz and a red lip.
6. Beach Day - Bikini: Eres
I have found that an adjustable string bikini is the best for pregnancy!

Photo Credit: All photos courtesy of Heather Taylor.

Shoshanna and Kids

Designer Shoshanna Gruss balances a robust career, clothing empire and raising 3 young children with grace, style and often times while wearing a bikini.

Or perhaps that should be, because of a bikini.

The New York native was the first to start designing and selling swimwear as separates to accommodate women’s varying shape from top to bottom. Sounds like a no brainer, but before Gruss created attractive mix and match swim separates, the product was nearly non-existent.

Her entire line of dresses and swimwear is built around the curves and unique landscape of a woman’s body, accounting for varying chest sizes, waist circumference and height. Her swimwear is no exception and women have come to know her bikinis and one pieces for their ultra flattering, inspired and fashion-forward shapes and prints.

Her newly launched baby girl’s swimwear line follows the stylish example set by the women’s collection, except of course without the focus on flattering the figure. But the prints are just as chic and whimsical, and often times match or coordinate with the adult suits, taking mommy and me Labor Day get-a-way dressing to another level.

“I launched Shoshanna Baby Girl right after my first daughter Sienna was born,” Gruss tells The Hive. “I wanted to create a fun collection of swimwear that allowed mothers and daughters to embrace the same fresh, youthful aesthetic.”

Between her coveted clothing line and her newly appointed role as Elizabeth Arden’s first ever Style Director, Gruss herself is something of a growing lifestyle brand, incorporating fashion, beauty and family into her everyday.

We caught up with Gruss to get an idea on what to wear this Labor Day holiday and of course, how she balances it all so beautifully.



What was your main inspiration behind the collection? What was previously missing from the girl’s swim market that you wanted to address?

I thought it was so fun and whimsical to have a mother daughter line, and a youthful feeling one too. The suits come in matching prints, but not matching shapes, so you have that sameness, without feeling like you are too matchy-matchy or not age appropriate.




















Are your children beach/water lovers? Do you go to a specific beach during the summer?

One of my friends calls us Aqua family. We are ALL water lovers, pool, beach, bay, you name it, we are in it! We spend most of the summer out in East Hampton, and both of my one-year-olds are ocean and pool lovers. They have no fear, which is actually terrifying, and keeps me on my toes. My one-year-old daughter Angelica can swim already! She jumps off the diving board. She is a wild one. I think we are all happiest with some sand and salt water dried on our skin, the mark of a perfect day!

As a busy working mom, what is your best advice for other working moms trying to strike that balance between work and family?

Remember that these years will go quickly and you will never get them back. I spend every minute with them on the weekends, always pick the kids up from school and never miss an appointment. I’m very grateful that my business allows me to be this kind of mom.

ShoshannaGruss-Kids2 What are some of your specific gadgets, organizational tools or aids that help maintain a stress-free work/family balance?

I am a paper journal user. I love Lett’s of London Original Diary calendars, and I write everything in it. All the kids activities, my schedule, my husband’s schedule… I need to see it on paper, that’s the only way I can keep track of it all. I also keep a calendar in the kitchen with everyone’s activities. I encourage everyone in the house to write everything on there so we can all be aware of each other’s schedules.

If any, what changes did you make to your work hours/life in order to create more time with your kids?

My number one job, first and foremost, is being a mom and I wouldn’t sacrifice one minute of that. All of my time has become family time – I only do other things when they’re not around and luckily I’m able to work from home a lot.

With less time to get ready in the morning, what are your go-to items in order to look chic and put together for a full day and possible evening events?

It’s important to organize your life – and your clothes – in a way that makes you stop wasting the silly moments. You need few chic great-fitting dresses, jeans and basic tees. Plus a couple great pairs of shoes that go with everything, a versatile evening and day bag, and then you have to get rid of the rest of the clutter.

SHOSHANNA x ELIZABETH ARDEN Launch EventAre your kids interested in fashion and design? Does your daughter enjoy seeing what you do and possibly get involved in the process?

Sienna loves clothing and uses it to express herself too – her style is very hip and cool. She always designs her own suits because the ones I make are too girly for her. For fun, we put one of her designs online and it became our number one seller!

What is the most valuable thing motherhood has taught you?

Motherhood is the most fulfilling and beautiful thing I have ever experienced. I always say that the moment I held my first daughter, I had that a-ha moment, that THIS is what life is all about. My happiest moments are watching my babies smile and thrive. Motherhood evened it all out for me, made me understand my priorities, my goals, and that I wanted to pour all my goodness into these people. There’s nothing on the planet I want to do more than be a mama to my babies.


Photo Credits: Top – Courtesy of Shoshanna Gruss, Second from Top – Instagram, Third from Top, Shoshanna Baby Girl Swimwear – Courtesy of Shoshanna, Third from Top: Instagram, Bottom – Courtesy of Shoshanna.