• LizCarey

    Real Talk: Are Kid’s Getting Too Many Awards? Well, Liz Carey Wants a Trophy Too

    Comedienne and actress Liz Carey has been shuttling her 10-year-old to various sports and academic activities for years and wonders why everyone is getting so many accolades just for writing their name. I WANT A TROPHY TOO I grew up in the Midwest with two brothers that were both smart and athletic. They both got pretty… View Article >

  • Real Talk: Sara Riff’s Practical Guide to Practicing Gratitude

      As 2015 came to a close, I started to work on my resolutions for 2016. Having read numerous articles about the power of writing down your goals, visualizing your life unfolding as you dream, etc., I decided to give it a try. I separated my objectives into the various categories of my life –… View Article >

  • Hamilton Star Opens Up about Fertility Struggle and her Definition of Success

    During a celebratory moment most performers could only dream of, Tony winner Renée Elise Goldsberry, opened up not only about her personal struggle with fertility but of her fear that she would have to make a choice between family and professional success. Goldsberry, 45, spoke about the joys of motherhood in her acceptance speech for… View Article >

  • Real Talk: Can a Clear Closet Lead to a Clear(er) Mind?

    To me, clutter has always been a number-one offender. Perhaps my mind is already so full and moving a mile a minute, that to see piles of knickknacks, old mail, receipts and random toy parts is just too much for me to process. I am constantly tidying and throwing away scraps of anything I consider… View Article >