• The Daily Buzz: R & Co Dry Shampoo

    Any mother will attest that Dry Shampoo is a staple when it comes to looking polished (read: like you washed your hair) even when you’re short on time.  We love the beautiful packaging and the delicious smell that is sure to mask anything that your little one might have wiped in your hair. R & Co… View Article >

  • FrenchGirlVeganBronzingOil

    The Daily Buzz: French Girl Organics Vegan Bronzing Oil

    You had us at “French Girl” and “Bronze”. Plus, it’s vegan to boot. French Girl Organics Vegan Bronzing Oil, $45

  • DrunkElephantVitaminC

    5 Instant Skin Brighteners Worth Trying (right now)

    It’s no secret that vitamin C is a key ingredient to getting instantly brighter skin (trust us, we’ve tried possibly every serum, pod and cream laden with C out there). And there has probably been no time more than now that you wish that pregnancy “glow” would take over your complexion, rather than the dull, sleep… View Article >

  • Byredo Gyspy Water

    The Daily Buzz: Byredo Gypsy Water Handcream

    Get ready to smell light and fresh all day long. This little tube is just for you and your handbag, that is when you’re not having to wipe your hands with a diaper wipe or squirt on hand sanitizer. Byredo Gypsy Water Hand Cream, $35