• Balancing Act: Kate Davidson Hudson

    We’re pretty confident that anyone who gets to play with jewels all day has our ultimate “dream job.” Having years of fashion editorial experience as the senior accessories director at Elle, Kate Davidson Hudson saw an opportunity to change the way that people shop by marrying content and commerce and co-founded Editorialist in 2013. We had the chance to… View Article >

  • Balancing Act: Simone LeBlanc

    It can often feel daunting to pick out the perfect gift for someone, particularly those who seem to have everything. But thanks to Simone LeBlanc, the process of nailing the perfect (not to mention, prettiest) gift has become a whole lot easier. As a professional gifter, LeBlanc takes the hard work out of selecting items… View Article >

  • Balancing Act: Jennifer Fisher

    Long before we all had initials hammered onto multiple pendants, hung on a chain and clasped around our neck or fingers full of signet rings stamped with a child’s monogram, jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher was busy making her own personalized nameplate to commemorate the birth of her son Shane, now 10-years old. The dog tag pendant… View Article >

  • Balancing Act: Colleen Crivello of CHALK NYC

    Alba wears the Chalk NYC Marlon Star Print Dress Ever wish that you could design petite sized versions of clothing you would want to wear for your own kids?  Thats exactly what Colleen Crivello did when she launched her kids line, Chalk NYC. With a long history of working in the women’s fashion industry, Crivello was inspired by her… View Article >