• Balancing Act: Margherita Maccapani Missoni Amos

      Margherita Maccapani Missoni Amos has had the sort of dream life in fashion that couldn’t even be fully captured in an Instagram feed if it tried. As a family member of the Missoni Italian design dynasty and a creative force in her own right, she has recently turned her talent and eye for a… View Article >

  • Balancing Act: Eva Amurri Martino

    Eva Amurri Martino, the blogger, actress and mother to one-year-old daughter Marlowe, may be the person closest to solving the “can we have it all” conundrum. “I believe that, as long as we keep a sense of humor, we really can “have it all,” says Martino who pens her recently launched blog, Happily Eva After, which is… View Article >

  • Balancing Act: Nadine Abramcyk & Adair Ilynsky of tenoverten

      Ever pop in to get a relaxing manicure only to be assaulted by harsh lighting, questionably sanitized tools and an outdated magazine selection?  Frustrated with the nail salon scene in New York, two friends decided to take matters into their own hands and create a haven that would offer a curated polish selection, loaded… View Article >

  • Balancing Act: Kate Davidson Hudson

    We’re pretty confident that anyone who gets to play with jewels all day has our ultimate “dream job.” Having years of fashion editorial experience as the senior accessories director at Elle, Kate Davidson Hudson saw an opportunity to change the way that people shop by marrying content and commerce and co-founded Editorialist in 2013. We had the chance to… View Article >