Margherita Maccapani Missoni Amos has had the sort of dream life in fashion that couldn’t even be fully captured in an Instagram feed if it tried. As a family member of the Missoni Italian design dynasty and a creative force in her own right, she has recently turned her talent and eye for a really great print, to creating a children’s clothing line aptly called, Margherita Kids, which has just entered its second season with fall hitting the site now.

The collection was inspired by the birth of her own children and is full of the wonderfully colorful and whimsical, boho-style items you might expect given her pedigree. But despite her love of fashion, the first focus with the kid’s clothing is comfort.

With two babies, a budding business and a constantly colorful world and Italian home base acting as constant inspiration, here’s how the new mother keeps her beautiful life balanced.

What was the inspiration behind starting the line?

I wanted to create something for children to be free – free to move, run and jump (hence comfort has been a priority) and free to choose their own clothes. In this collection, everything is meant to go with everything, nothing is “right” or “wrong”, and there is no perfect outfit. I would like for children to think that there is an endless world of possibilities out there and they can choose whatever they like.

What are your goals for the line as far as expansion and new categories?

We are planning a layette collection, complete with diaper bags and accessories, and we would love to expand into fun accessories that complement the collections.



Girl’s Petal Collar Dress 

What lessons from your family were you able to impart into creating this line?

They are endless. Most of the lessons I’ve learned, especially those that are work related, I learned from my family. But I guess the key lesson that I’ve put into practice is this: one shouldn’t live to work. One should work only to make his or her life better. Always keep that in mind.

What is your philosophy for balancing life as a working mom, staying organized and sane!

After the birth of our first baby boy, Otto, I decided to start my own business and take a break from my family’s company. I felt the need to be able to determine my own schedule and set my own rhythm. Now I can work from home, I can eat with my sons, I can take them to the park in the afternoon and I can make conference calls while they nap.




Girl’s Faux Fur Gilet

Are there any specific apps, online resources or life hacks that help you manage work and family?

Evernote is great for when I’m traveling and working from a distance. My life changed since discovering it. I also rely on Dropbox a lot. The baby monitor is great for keeping an eye on the baby when I’m far away.

Has your style changed at all since having kids? If so, how? 

My style is spontaneous and instinctive and it reflects my background: what I’ve seen, where I’ve been and who I’ve met. The people that inspire me are my friends and people with whom I work.

Since becoming a mother, I have become more confident, I trust my own judgment even more, and comfort has become a priority in my daily life. Clothes have to be wearable to appeal to me.




Girl’s Tightrope Printed Pleated Dress

Has your beauty routine or products changed at all since having kids? If so how? Please name a few of your favorite products for skin, hair and makeup.

Since getting pregnant i am much more aware of the ingredients in products. Now i use Bionike.

What are some of your favorite resources for Children’s decor and how would you describe the theme or inspiration for your nurseries?

The boys’ rooms have been decorated in an instinctive way, with random finds, much like the rest of the house, but I love to shop on for décor.


Girl’s Box Pleat Dress

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received about motherhood?

Don’t listen to advice.

What is the most valuable lesson motherhood had taught you?

Go with the flow. I’m a control freak and with motherhood I’ve learned that I simply can’t control everything.

Photo Credit: All photos courtesy of Margherita Maccapani Missoni Amos


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