A Baby Sprinkle (aka 2nd, 3rd, 4th…kid Baby Shower) can be a tough one to figure out.

While you want to celebrate and be showered on to mark this momentous occasion, it’s not the same blow out as the first (plus, you’ve got the other kids and their schedules to think about).

Jewelry Designer Ariel Gordon seemed to strike the right balance between special and practical with a Sprinkle for her second child, a girl due at the end of this month.

Thrown for her by her friend, and notable interior designers, Krista Ewart, the event, held in the Pacific Palisades on the west side of Los Angeles, struck the right chord for an ideal Sprinkle.

Here, Gordon shares the details of her party, from the colors to the catering.

What was the theme of your Sprinkle? 
Originally I didn’t want a shower. It felt so self-indulgent. Since this is baby #2, I didn’t need any baby gear. And by this point in my life my friends have gone to my engagement party, my bachelorette party, my bridal shower, my wedding, my first baby shower. I mean, enough is enough.
But then when I was 6 months pregnant we found out that we were relocating to the Bay Area before the baby will be born. With that looming in front of me, I figured that I could do something low key (without a registry) and use it as a hybrid baby shower / going away party.  Krista is a schmancy interior designer so her house was a perfect backdrop to host the morning.   
I’ve been big in to bagels this pregnancy (and my whole life if I’m being honest). I wanted to do something mellow and literally go pick up a couple dozen bagels with some schmear from the local bagel spot. Krista being the consummate hostess insisted on something more elevated… Heirloom LA catered the day and it was all so delicious. I really appreciate her going the extra mile. 
Any special games or features that were personalized to you?
Another mainstay of my pregnancy (and my son Luca’s diet) is pickles so for the party favor we gave out homemade pickles that Lauren Lowstan from A Sweet Savory made. 
How has this second pregnancy been different than your first?
Where to begin… other than the obvious (moving 400 miles away when 8 months pregnant and all the headache and logistics that come with that), I would say this pregnancy feels less imminent. That is to say, since I have a child I feel like I know what to expect. So much of my first pregnancy was pondering the unknown. But now with a 2 year old and a business, free time is basically non existent. This pregnancy is harder because I can’t take a nap when I feel exhausted. I couldn’t rest during my horrendous morning sickness. Luca doesn’t afford me the luxury of relaxation.  The side effect of this is I have zero bump pictures, I have no pregnancy diary, and I haven’t started shopping for anything. Better get used to it #2. 
With everything happening (baby, moving, business) how are you making time to take care of you and stay focused?
Ummmm….. does eyelash extensions count? 
How are you decorating the new baby nursery?
Well I haven’t started this project yet but I do look forward to all of the precious baby girl knick knacks in my future. We moved in to our new home next week and I hope to dig in to things soon.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted! 


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