After welcoming her little girl Natalie last year, Shiri Appleby has eschewed long and tedious beauty routines in favor of what really works and what really works quickly.  “Instead of a facial, I’m now running around the house with Kiehls Rare-Earth face mask on.” Says Appleby about her newly abridged beauty routine. “It helps give my skin a real glow in the amount of time it takes to get the dishes in the machine.”
We love chatting with the super laid back actress about her favorite time saving beauty tips, though she admits that happiness is her best route to gorgeous. “I am mostly I’m trying to enjoy it all and not stress too much.” She says. “I’ve found that having a good time is the best thing I can do to help me look my best.”
And with that, here is Appleby’s time saving beauty advice for looking screen ready, even while on the go.

What has been the most surprising thing about becoming a mother?

“I was never a patient person and I have now fully embraced calming down and being in the moment.  It surprises me how much more relaxed I am with a child than I was as a single woman.”

As far as beauty and  health go, what are some items you rely on?

“I love mint tea in the morning, it makes me feel like I’m doing something kind for myself.  I have started exfoliating on a regular basis and have become a huge proponent of sunscreen for the whole family.”

An easy and effective nighttime regimen has her feeling refreshed, even when waking up before the sun is out:
“I’m religious about moisturizer. Every night before bed I apply Kiehls Rosa Artica Eye Cream on the corner of my eyes to help create the look of a full nights sleep the next morning. To give my face that fast pick me up, I spray Clarks Botanical Cellular Lifting Moisture Mist.  It feels so refreshing and leaves a little tingle.”
Talk about no fuss. Appleby forgoes a trip to the salon and relies on at home color:
“Our daughter’s nanny is also a hair dresser, so when the baby sleeps, she dyes my hair at the kitchen table.  She also does my hair for nights out and stays to watch the baby after we leave. I literally couldn’t look pulled together without her.”
Some of her favorite products for herself & the baby include: MD MomsKai Body Wash, Aveeno Baby and Kerastase Conditioner.
What is your go to hair and makeup look for getting out of the house fast?
 “I fill my brows in, throw on a bit of blush and maybe one coat of mascara to feel like myself again.  I don’t have too much time for hair so I’ve become a big fan of the top knot. Where I grew up, we used to call it ‘The Snob Knob.'”
What about exercise?  How has your routine changed?
“On the rare occasions I can make it to the gym, I help soothe my muscles (since massages are way to time consuming), by filling my bath with Epsom salts and try to soak for as long as possible – aka 15 minutes tops. I also believe that walks are a benefit to all of us – my daughter relaxes while enjoying nature and I get some cardio in.”
Craving a little “me” time?:  Appleby suggests “30 minutes in the tub with a mask on and a good book. It can work wonders on making me feel refreshed, mentally and physically.”
All Photos by Miha Matei



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