Being a mom is hard work. It’s nonstop. It’s a full-time job without the salary and benefits. You can’t clock out at 5 o’clock, and forget about the work until 9 o’clock the next morning. You’re constantly on call, and you have to be ready to handle anything that’s thrown your way (including, but not limited to, dirty diapers, mashed bananas, and sippy cups).
10to12 Baby Lounge feels like moms deserve more than just one day a year to show how much they’re loved and are rolling out with homage to moms on their social media as well as some amazing giveaways on their website.
Starting this Sunday and going through July 22nd, the brand is introducing Mommy Appreciation Sundays.  Mommy Appreciation Sundays is an 8-week Mother appreciation campaign centered around the message that “Mothers deserve more love and recognition than just one Mother’s Day.”
There will be supportive stories and content on the 10 to 12 social media channels, but beyond the usual posts, social media pages will be flooded with stories to inspire, thank and educate mothers.
To really say thank you for all that mothers do, 10to12 Baby Lounge will be doing an 8-week giveaway of some of their various mommy cashmere and baby cashmere products. Each Sunday morning from 10am to 12pm, the first three customers who arrive to our website to claim the instagram giveaway will be rewarded with one of our signature mommy cashmere or baby cashmere products.
Not one of the first three for the instagram giveaway? Have no fear!  A special discount on all 10to12 mommy cashmere and baby cashmere will also be offered to the rest of our customers who make a purchase every Sunday from June 3rd until July 22nd.
Snag your own super soft cashmere blanket for you a baby to snuggle any time and place.


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